Neogu Bonara

Neogu Bonara


The perfect mix of our spicy Neoguri ramyun and the rich flavour of a creamy carbonara sauce – delve into these tasty, stir-fried noodles!


About Neogu Bonara

Taking two different flavours and combining them together to make a new, delicious Neoguri based ramyun! The combination of our popular, spicy Neoguri ramyun with the taste of a creamy carbonara makes for an explosive and delicious experience! Enjoy the rich flavours of seafood with the creaminess of a carbonara in the form of a spicy, stir-fried noodle – and don’t forget the cute, little Neoguri racoon fish cakes and kelp to brighten up this dish!

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Nutritional information

Servings per package: 1 Serving size: 134g Average quantity per serving Average quantity per 100g
Energy 2,360kJ 1,780kJ
Protein 10.0g 7.7g
Fat Total 17.0g 13.0g
Saturated 8.8g 6.6g
Carbohydrate 92.0g 69.0g
Sugar 8.7g 6.5g
Sodium 1,340mg 1,000mg



Wheat flour, potato starch, vegetable oil (contains antioxidant (307b), (soy)), salt, cuttlefish, sweetener (420), fish, shrimp, emulsifier (322, soy), flavour enhancers (627, 631), mineral salts (339, 500, 501), green tea extract, colour (101).

Soup base 1

Shellfish, maltodextrin, salt, sugar, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy, wheat), fish, glucose, spices, wheat flour, starches (potato, corn), soy sauce, emulsifier (322 soy), milk solids, anticaking agent (551), mineral salt (339).

Soup base 2

Maltodextrin, vegetable oils (contains soy), hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy, wheat), salt, sugar, flavour enhancers (363, 621, 627, 631), cuttlefish, thickener (414), starches (tapioca, corn), yeast extract, shellfish, fish, emulsifier (322, soy), soy sauce


Dried seaweed, dried fish, starches (corn, potato, tapioca), sweetener (420), sugar, salt.

Allergy information

Contains wheat, soy, fish, milk and crustacea. Produced in a facility that also processes product that contains egg, peanuts, tree nuts and sesame.

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